True Label, Inc is your source for high quality pressure sensitive labels

Our Value Adding Guarantee:

If we cannot provide your qualifying company* a solution to lower your total cost of doing business, even after just one visit, we will run a month's supply of any label of your choosing for free!

*Qualifying companies must purchase over $50,000 per year of custom labels

True Label, Inc photoTrue Label, Inc. was founded in October 1995. Headquartered in a 60,000 square foot facility in Toledo, Ohio, our continued growth has allowed us to invest in the latest print technology, which has reduced our manufacturing costs while increasing our throughput, quality and capacity.

What makes us different?
True Label, Inc. has established best practices and combined technologies such as roll splicers, waste removal systems and turret rewinders with sophisticated automated electronic inspection systems to produce pharmaceutical-grade labels for the absolute lowest total cost.

We have learned over the years that customers do not care how much we know until they realize how much we care about them. Our goal is simple; provide unmatched value in our industry. We are confident in our ability to add value to your labeling program. Call us today.
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